Android software development

What is Android?

Android is an Open Source platform based on Linux and created for mobile devices. It includes an operating system as well as middleware and key applications. The Android system provides rich tools, functions, features and APIs necessary to begin developing an application. It is developed by Google, the Open Handset Alliance and many large telecoms and IT companies. This platform is extremely popular and keeps growing.

A business tool

Like the iPhone, smartphones using Android operating system are not only toys but also amazing business tools.

Indeed, many Android powered devices also meet business requirements (emails, 3G or 4G networks, CRM, document reader, etc). Unlike the iPhone though, there are several different devices manufacturers such HTC, Motorola and Samsung so a wide range of carriers and platforms are available.

The application store for android keeps growing at a steady pace and our developers significant experience with Java and the Android SDK is at your service. More over, there is reasonable cross compatibility across handsets.

Our team

Our solid success in building iPhone and iPad applications has motivated us to create offerings for Android as well. Our technology team has significant experience with the Java programming language along with a commanding knowledge of Android SDK and Framework APIs.