Status: Mature

ZineReader is the most powerful application ever designed for a mobile device. It gives you the opportunity to create more captivating and smarter presentations than ever.

You have the feeling this is not enough? Then get in touch with us. With a creative approach and a perfect execution ZineReader is also able to adapt and offer tailored solutions following your most complex requirements.

Feature List:

  • Non linear navigation
  • Intuitive gesture control
  • Embedded rich multimedia player
  • Flexible animation system
  • Interactive charts & animations
  • Navigation bar with thumbnails
  • Offline presentation mode
  • Over the air delivery & update
  • Portrait or landscape mode
  • Integrated forms for data input
  • Video output capable

Cloud Sync

Cloud Sync has been developed as an extra feature of ZineReader on top of IS.Star cloudnIN infrastructure. This technology allows over the air delivery and updates of the content which is especially useful as your number of users increases.

Thanks to this centralized tool, content providers, sales representatives and managers are all connected to a single, secure source of data.